Joergen Bracker studied Greek and Roman Archaeology, Ancient History and Prehistory in Marburg, Kiel and Münster. He received his doctoral degree in 1965 in Münster/Westfalen. From 1965 until 1976 he was a research assistant with the Roman-Germanic Museum in Cologne and participated in excavations, exhibitions and the arrangement of the new building for the museum.

From 1976 until 2001 he was the director of the Hamburg Museum. The rearrangement of the permanent exhibitions and the organisation of special exhibtions and the publishing of corresponding catalogues on the history of Hamburg from the 9th until the 20th century were his key activities there. Since presenting the exhibition „The Hansa — Reality and Myth“ he focused on the crisis of the Hansa around 1400 AD which was branded by piracy and economic downfall.

After his Stoertebeker novel Zeelander he now presents his second novel The Relics of Lisbon — Stoertebeker's Legacy. It highlights the close connection of piracy and the events of the Hundred Years' War. The story is based on historical records, images and the evidences of historical buildings and archaeological monuments.

With his shrimper FAHREWOHL VON BUESUM he roamed the Baltic Sea and the mudflat of the North Sea with its wadden pathways to get an authentic idea of the conditions of battlesome conflicts at which the Vitalians under their leaders Stoertebeker and Goedeke Michel were fighting off and on as confederates and as enemies of hanseatic merchants.

Joergen Bracker is a member of «QUO VADIS Autorenkreis Historischer Roman» and was coordinator of the Sir Walter Scott-Reward, which is awarded for the best historical novel in German language.

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